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Kildare Area

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Appointment of Youth Representative to Board of Directors of Irish Red Cross

Greg Lyons, Director Irish Red Cross

Mr Greg Lyons was appointed to the Board of Directors of Irish Red Cross on 26th May 2012 for a period of 2 years.

In November 2011 Greg was elected to General Assembly as the first ever Youth Representative. He now represents Red Cross Youth at the highest decision making levels within the Irish Red Cross.


Baby FACE (First Aid Convention Europe) 2012

Clane Cadets at Baby FACE 2012

Clane Cadets attend Baby FACE 2012, in Dundalk Co Louth. The picture shows Clane Cadets who have received their Anne McGahey Awards in recognition of their participation in the event.

Baby FACE is a 'dry-run' event which is part of the planning and logistics preparation for the FACE 2012 competition which Ireland is hosting in 2012.

This major event sees in excess of 20 European national teams coming to Dundalk to participate. The event is held over the weekend of 7th and 8th July 2012.

Cadet Practical First Aid certificate presentation in Clane GAA on 7th December 2011

Practical First Aid Presentation

The Cadets, many accompanied by parents or guardians, were presented with their Practical First Aid certificates by the Kildare Area Director of Units Rosemarie Hayden.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by Captain David O’Riordan of the Air Corps who gave the Cadets a spellbinding presentation.

The image shows the Cadets in the company of Cadet Unit Officer Audrey Moore with ADU Rosemarie Hayden and Captain David O’Riordan.


National Cadet and Novice competitions, October 2011 in Donegal

Cadet/Novice Competitions Oct 2011

Cadet/Novice Competitions Oct 2011

Cadet/Novice Competitions Oct 2011 Cadet/Novice Competitions Oct 2011

The images above are from the national cadet and novice competitions held in Donegal in October 2011.

Kildare Area was represented by Simon Chambers (Individual Novice competition). This was the first time that Kildare Area was represented at the national cadet and novice competitions for many years.

Congratulations to Simon for putting in a very strong personal performance and to all the youth leaders and instructors involved in preparing for the event.

We will be back!


Cadets day out - Summer 2011

Clane Branch cadets on a day out at Glendalough

A group of Cadets enjoy a visit to the lakes of Glendalough in the company of Area Youth Officer Audrey Moore and Youth Leader Michael O’Riordan..

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