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Red Cross Kildare Area is a vibrant, active part of the community serving Kildare since 1937.

You may think you don't have the time for another item in your busy schedule, but your level of participation in the branch is entirely up to you. Some of our members enjoy going out on duty every weekend and training during the week; others prefer to participate a couple of times a year at specific events.

If you're interested, please read the Red Cross Volunteer page, and then fill in the Membership Form


There really is something for everyone. Our First Aid Unit is very active and whether you have an interest in football, rugby, equestrian events, water sports, cycling, concerts or flower shows, there's likely to be a first aid duty you'll enjoy! All members are offered training from Basic First Aid right up to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level, gaining invaluable training and qualifications. All equipment, uniforms and training are provided free to members.

Our training to the public is an essential part of our service and through this service thousands of people in the region have received life-saving training at regular public first aid courses. Branch members can also train to be Instructors.


There is also the opportunity for members to take part in International First Aid competitions. These competitions run from local to international level. In 2007 Ireland hosted the European Finals; the 2008 Finals took place in Liverpool. The branch has won many titles over the years, but there's still lots of room for more trophies if you have a competitive streak!

Community Services

It's not all about First Aid of course; our community services are a very important aspect of our work. Every year we pick a community project for the year and we have regular events such as the Evergreens Senior Citizens Halloween Party and the Summer Day out in collaboration with Chernobyl Ireland.

We also offer a Therapeutic Hand Care service. This involves our volunteers giving hand care and massage services to people who are ill or in long-term care in hospitals and nursing homes. This service provides a very welcome outlet for people in residential care.


Fundraising is a very important part of our operation. We are entirely funded by donations at local, national and international levels. Our capacity to aid the community increases with every donation. Over the years we have participated in several international campaigns; the most recent campaigns include fundraising for Haiti and the Asian Tsunami Appeal. In 2009 we concluded our fundraising activities for a new ambulance which now allows us to provide the best possible First Aid service to the community.

..and Fun raising...

Of course there's still time for fun! The Red Cross is a fantastic way to get involved with the local community and make friends for life.

  Celebrating with friends Running a marathon with friends from the Red Cross

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